Julie Davidson Fine Arts & Photography


Julie Davidson (BA, Dip Tchg)

Born in Sunderland, UK, from an early age Julie Davidson demonstrated an artistic talent for drawing.  A book bought by her parents as a gift when she was 7 years old showing how to create characters through shapes, gave Julie the first introduction to viewing objects much like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece had to fit to be completed.

During her 20's and 30's Julie became predominately a wildlife artist through her love of animals.  Photography became a tool to capture animals she later painted using pastel.  Julie frequently visited John Aspilin's wildlife park in Kent and Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, UK.   Julie although not limited, uses pastel as her preferred medium.

"Every picture I paint or photograph I strive to better the next, always pushing the boundaries.  Texture, depth, composition, using light and dark to create the form, different subjects come and go, each with it's own challenge."

In 2004 Julie emigrated to New Zealand with her family and was asked to teach art to others based on her portfolio.  Working as a self-employed artist Julie taught at various establishments including:  MASH,  Julia Wallace Retirement Home, Fielding College, privately as well as having her own following of students in the Manawatu.  

In 2007  Julie embarked on a Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging at UCOL in Palmerston North, graduating in 2010.  

In 2011 Julie achieved a Secondary Teachers Certificate at Massey University, Palmerston North and now holds her full-teachers licence.

 Presently Julie resides with her family in the Kapiti Coast District.  Julie has a broad portfolio and is apt at applying her artistic flair to any area that is needed, all be it photographing a wedding, engagement, events or painting a  piece of collectable art!

"After all these years as an artist I feel I have only now just placed my big toe on the bottom rung of the ladder, there is still a lot more climbing to do with regards to learning.  The day I stop learning will be my last day, may the height of the ladder be infinite."